What Aamir will offer this Diwali with Secret Superstar

Aamir Khan is the real perfectionist of Bollywood. He is focused on each and every aspect of his work carefully. It may sound good to us but to work with such person is real pain. He is now going places to promote his “Secret Superstar”.

Aamir has given us some great hits in recent years that have triggered a wave of thoughts in all of us.

  • Taare Zameen Par

A great topic touched on kids, dyslexia, and all the connected emotions of a young school kid with his parents, teachers and school. The movie touched the hearts of all types of viewers and was widely appreciated.

  • Three Idiots

This movie don’t need any introduction. It has touched so many aspects of Indian youth life and education system. Its a wonder to watch this movie always.

  • Ghajini

Though no such learning, but the acting skills and storyline captured the hearts of people. It was a major hit of the year.

  • PK

Though the movie attracted a lot of religious controversies, it sparked a wave of debate all over India on the issues that were unspoken of. Not taking any sides, it was a another hit of the year and acting skills of all stars were great.

  • Dangal

Breaking a lot of stereotypes, the movie based on real life athlete girls, it was received a lot of appreciation from all sections and broke all records worldwide.

Many others like Fanaa, Lagaan, Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti etc, he has skillfully captured the attention of present generated youth.

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What is now special with Secret Superstar that is coming this Diwali ?

A Young Girl following her passion

A young girl in the contemporary urban Indian society who is passionate for music than academics. Is she the one who would be the Secret Superstar ?

A Strict Conservative Father

A normal in every home, a bossy father who sticks to old norms and restricts his children.

World of Internet

The movie features the likes of YouTube & Twitter and other tools of Internet that is the lifestyle of present generation.

Breaking the norms

Music is not allowed in orthodox norms of Islam. It is considered a sin. Though music has crossed all barriers, it is still a taboo in narrow minded people.

An Interesting Climax

The movie attracts the interesting climax from the trailer and would definitely fills the cinema halls. Secret Superstar is in limelight since it got millions of views within days and weeks of its release on YouTube.

A humorous Aamir as a Musician

Finally to watch performance of Perfectionist in a new Avatar in Secret Superstar is a must do. Who can resist not to watch the hard work he puts in each of his role.

A Family Movie

The biggest reason is yes you can watch it with family without any hesitation. Most movies nowadays has to put item numbers, double meaning dialogues to attract youth attention. But Aamir and its movies has an edge. (Okay, Delhi Belly is an extreme exception!)

Secret Superstar

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