What is Bharat Rise – Enlightened India?

Bharat & India are two official names of Republic of India. Bharat means devoted to the light of knowledge. The land where people appreciated knowledge from ancient times and it has a lot to offer to the world out of its abundance. Rise of Bharat means the rise of the nation where knowledge is given the preference and importance which will definitely lead to enlightened & empowered India.

What is the Purpose of this Platform?

India is the youngest nation in the world with more than 70 percent of its population between 18-35. For any nation, youth is the force of the country. As it is said, we should have a deepened roots with a broader vision. Strongly connected to values and knowledge and be adaptable with the world around. Technology is another great factor to connect the world. This blog is a medium to connect with the Indian youth, be it in India or abroad with values and science moving towards a Digital & Spiritual India.

How Values and Science are connected?

Values and Science are deeply connected as one. We tend to connect the youth via facts, figures, statistics, science, economics, logic, health, nutrition, environment, history, technology and spirituality. Technology without Human Values will be a big burden to the world.

What is the prime theme of this blog?

Adaptable for Indian Audiences all over globe :

  • Practical Technology Tools for the Daily Life
  • Power of Spirituality in Today’s Lifestyles
  • Significance of India’s Valuable History & Knowledge
  • Current events and happenings
  • Youth Education Content


Gaurav Garg