An Alternative to Alcohol

Are you among those who feel themselves as lost ball in high weeds?

What to do?

A state of acute pain is commonly prevailing among the youngsters now a days. Alcohol consumption marks the result! Unable to come out of stress and hypertension, alcohol and drugs seems an easy way out.

After drinking one really can feel out of the world, the state of trance seems alluring. The fact not realized is that it is temporary, thereby forcing people to drink again and again for the same pleasure.

The outcome is addiction, and then a stage comes, when they have to increase their consumption level to get the same feel. So what earlier seemed pushing them into an ocean of tranquility, pulls them out of the frying pan into the fire!

Alcohol being a neurotoxin, causes a dramatic set of changes in the brain and a range of disorders commonly referred to as Alcohol Related Brain Injury (ARBI). It is not that people are not aware of the cons of drinking, but yet they drink, smoking kills, yet they smoke.

Why Alcohol?

Because they are not made aware of a healthier, richer alternative. The urge to drink alcohol is to get the feel of the ecstatic state, a state where they can open up their heart completely and walk out from the chaos of their daily routine.

What if this poison can be replaced by something which brings them into the more conscious ocean, not temporarily but permanently, by not harming but curing the mind?

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An enrichment to soul, is the alternative! It releases the accumulated stress from the body and prevents stress to enter the system. A deep rest, deeper than the deepest sleep can be experienced through meditation. Also, it is a key to innumerable problems a man faces in his day to day activities.

Acerbic, yet the truth is that today alcohol has also become a way to celebrate. This tendency must be shut down, the vision and level of thinking needs to change. Parents must also not encourage favourable drinking environment in front of kids.

Even drugs seems ‘ok’ these days to college students. Some drink in peer pressure, they avoid in beginning, but then the bad apples around and the ‘cool’ quotient associated with drinking forces them to drink. Is this our culture?

Moreover, it is these youngsters that represent the zeal of the country, if they are in the wrong books, then what will happen to the nation! ‘Alcoholic’ bracket is increasing day by day and the need of the hour speaks that we must do something to control this, until its far too late.