Ayodhya – The Quick History, Present and the Solution

It’s been years and years the issue of Ayodhya and Ram Mandir has been going around. To make it easy for the present generations to know the facts as they are, here’s the quick overview of events :

  • India has been under a lot of invasions. One of the long term invasion was of Mughal Dynasty.
  • Babur, who came from Central Asia, laid the stone for Mughal Empire in India and became the first Mughal King.
  • At that time, the base culture in India was of “Santana Dharma”, there was no use of word “Hindu”.
  • To rule and take over any region, first you have to root out the deep culture they have.
  • Babur came in India in 1526 and built the “Babri Mosque” in Ayodhya in 1528 on a pre-existing temple.

He could have built it anywhere but to make it over a deep cultural significant structure was a sign of oppression over the major community to be ruled. Also Babur and all his successors initiated the hard process of converting people to Islam to help spread their rule and religion at the same time, by force or violence. Indians at that time, had no religion identity since they all lived with a eternal principles of Santana Dharma and Vedas.

On 6th December, 1992, some Hindu groups demolished the Babri Mosque, which resulted in Hindu-Muslim clashes all over India and reportedly 2000 deaths.

Around 500 years and the case is still in Supreme Court.

Cut to the present times of 21st century,

  • We are a global citizen with a scientific outlook.
  • We are the largest democracy with a federal structure of Center and States.
  • We have to build our education and career, make a living, raise a family.
  • We have to race up to be the developed economy of the world.

How does it matter that what is built now – temple or mosque or nothing ?

Know the Rama

Rama is not a religious or mythological figure. He is a historical figure who walked the planet. He was born to King Dasharatha of Suryavansha dynasty in Ayodhya on 10th January, 5114 BC. He was the ideal king of Kosala (whose capital was Ayodhya) for a long period of time and he had two twin sons – Luv and Kush. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, first Guru of Sikhism traces his lineage from Kusha and Guru Gobind Singh,the 10th Guru is descendent of Luv. Infact, Guru Nanak Dev was the last Indian saint to visit temple of Ayodhya before it was demolished by Babur, as it was his ancestral home, as he narrated to his disciple, Bhai Mardana.

But here’s the shock !!

Congress Govt in Center said to Supreme Court in 2007 that there is no proof that Ram existed.

To chose not to acknowledge him,

  • Ram was the king of this land. An ideal king who established a model state.
  • Babur built the mosque over temple to oppress and dominate the conversions at that time
  • Later British used the term “mythological” to cover up for their own educational system.
  • Means nothing to show to upcoming generations and that all in Ramayana and Mahabharata is a mere lie.
  • It would be a shame to a nation of 1.3 billion people to not to value and regard its culture and history

India is equally open to all religions. India is the only country to have 3 lakh active mosques in India, more than any other Islamic Nation.

The Way Out Now

There are some sad realities to the issue

  • Most political parties and leaders have always made it issue of importance for vote bank from both communities.
  • They never genuinely cared for the people. Politics of UP, India has always revolved around this issue.
  • Extremist groups of Both communities have made things so much complex and they forget humanity.
  • Mainstream media have derived the maximum TRP and airtime from the issue.
  • Left wing and Right Wing supporters on Social Media, have enjoyed abusing each other.

Who is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ?

Sri Sri is a spiritual and humanitarian leader who is respected and regarded by all the communities of the world. He started his organisation “The Art of Living” in 1981 which aimed at simple and powerful tools and techniques to relax the mind and increase one’s own energy. These programs take place all over globe for all age groups and he has touched millions by his tours.

He is known to bind all religions in the common thread of spirituality, which he believes can be experienced by meditation. Apart from teaching meditation, he has ventured in conflict zones like Iraq, Pakistan, Colombia. He has countless honours from heads of states all over globe. He ended a 50 year old conflict between Colombian Govt and country’s Rebel Group.

In India, the projects run by his organisation are working in Maharashtra and Karnataka for river rejuvenation, in North East, Kashmir, and meditation programs in nearly all cities of India and world.

There is no other person who can bring communities other than him. Any extremist leader/organisation cannot do this task. Only a person with a calm and centred mind, with a generous heart can make the things happen in the best way.


The way he is active in bringing peace and meeting all stakeholders is a great initiative. This is a long due conflict where ultimate sufferers are the people whereas all others are just earning their bread and butter, be it rebel groups, politics or media.

It is more important to connect people and feel pride as one nation, to walk together for a better tomorrow, and to come out of limited mindset of religion. Enough of Mughal and British oppression, let us take pride in our own history and culture, which has made us together till now.

Each Indian state has a population of a country. We are a group of countries clubbed together in a compact continent. That’s the beauty of India.

Each Indian State population is equivalent to a country. Kashmir map wrongly depicted as no data available.