Beware, The Drunk Truth!

People seldom say drunk people are the most volatile subjects. They speak truth in that fully loaded situation. But do you really think so? I don’t feel it either.

The drunk person is like a fully conscious Scorpio which knows what to talk in front of whom.

The fact is they are fully aware of whatever they say in that position will be fully understood as true and recognized as a secret which that person was unable to say in a normal situation.

It’s a trap! Sweetheart!! That person might be reallyyyyy drunk but ‘coz of a lot of stamina would be absolutely aware of the words coming out of mouth. So will try to manipulate your brain and force your subconscious mind to work according to what they say. For example they would want you to fall for them and love them back. For that they will create such a scene where you would unknowingly trust what they utter while being drunk thinking about the myth” Drunk people speak only truth and out if the heart” and end up becoming their prey.

Beware, The Drunk Truth


You Should be Careful!

I won’t generalize either saying everyone out there is a culprit but what’s wrong in being aware. If it’s a rat trap just use your sixth sense, It will prick you baby! Just listen to your guts all the time and then step further. Or else you’ll end up being in trouble forever.

Beware, The Drunk Truth


They aren’t true all the time!

It not only applies to cute ladies out there also is an alarm for the guys. Never ever go with any myth around guys and gals. Anyone can try to cheat and take advantage of you.

Beware, The Drunk Truth


How to spot a liar!

Make sure you don’t end up trying to have a relationship out of nothing but your own imagination. Be aware! Spread awareness! Be happy and on the safe side always!

What do you think? Have you encountered anything like this in your life before? Tell us in comments.