Tanjore Painting

Different types of Powerful Goddess Tanjore Painting with Images

Mahalakshmi, Annapurna, Saraswathi Tanjore Painting are considered some of the main Goddesses prayed in India. The different powerful forms of Devi: Lakshmi Tanjore Painting : Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity, consort of Mahavishnu. Two types of laxmi Varlaxmi: The one who gives blessings: She…

Yashoda Krishna painting
Lord Krishna Darbar Tanjore Painting

Krishna Tanjore Painting – Real Meaning of Krishna

Krishna is bliss, Krishna is attraction so wherever you see beauty  in it’s Yashoda Krishna painting , the charm is actually Krishna, wherever you get attracted to the beauty and whatever attracts you is Krishna. Krishna – the real meaning… Krishna is the whole of…

Jodha Akbar Mugal Art

Mughal Kings who were Art Lovers too

Mughal Emperors who Loved Art  The Mughal period in Indian history had seen widespread cultural development, especially in the field of miniature paintings. These paintings are like binocular through which we can see the medieval history of India. The introduction of new technique in the…

ravi varma paintings