Clean Politics This Diwali – Can we do this for Real ?

We clean our homes, offices, cupboards, hard disks, Internet browsing history, old gallery pictures but can we clean Politics this year Diwali or any year ??

There can be two approaches – Optimistic, Pessimistic. We take a middle path of realistic approach.

First of all, what is not clean in politics ?

  • Corruption
  • Vote Bank
  • Bureaucracy
  • Inefficient Judiciary
  • and the list goes on ……

Some hard facts that are bitter truth

  • India is a complex and diverse country.
  • People are more concerned about caste, religion and community while voting than development.
  • Reservations and Quotas have made skilled people jobless or move out of country.
  • ‎Every third month, there are elections in the country where crores of money is spent employing thousands of public servants.
  • Still money power and muscle power is used. ‘Selective’ people go to vote and they elect the given leaders.

All political parties, in any ratio use all foul means. In India , the real beneficiaries of elections are leaders, bureaucrats, media and corporate houses.

Now the question arises, is Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, a corrupt or incompetent person ??

A Big NO

  • Narendra Modi is probably the first leader who has pure intentions to work for India all day and night.
  • He sleeps 3-4 hours a day, has not taken a single leave, traveled all over to raise India’s reputation in global platforms which no other leader has done.
  • He has dedicated himself to the nation fully and has done the maximum of reforms a leader can think for betterment of the country.

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Where is the problem then ?

1. Changing the mindset

Most Indians still are job seekers, unskilled and dreams of govt job, which is not possible. Our education system and students both focuses on money making rather than skill building.

2. Limited by Constitution

He is a elected leader who is limited by the 70 year old Constitution where Reservation, Article 370, Bureaucracy Protection, Ineffective Bodies are listed. He cannot in any regard, can bypass the Constitution.

3. Suffered by his own Party

No party is perfect ever. BJP came in 1980s but came in full power only in 2014. There are so many fringe elements of typically low mindsets on ground level, which themselves are obstructing the growth.

4. Typical Govt Offices

Government workers enjoys a regular salary and old mindsets of no work. Most of the govt schools, colleges, hospitals, service centers misuse the funds, specially in rural and far off areas.

Whats on Demonetization and GST

Definitely both were much needed steps but ultimately the sufferers were common man as implementation was very poor. The energy which honorable Prime Minister possess, need to be passed on to lowest level of officer in duty. The actual benefits of both the policies still needs time to bloom.

Whats in future ? Can politics be clean ?

Yes, in long term, with a lot of patience and cooperation.
No, in short term, we have to bear the cost of changes and transitions happening in the system.

Source: Wikimedia

What we can do now ?

  • Support the Honorable Prime Minister and definitely not his party or all the leaders.
  • Learn new skills, generate employment opportunities for yourself by entrepreneurship and others. Be a job creator and nor job seeker.
  • Stop engaging in taking political or religious sides. Seek the truth, be rational, see everyone as our own.
  • Don’t believe everything on media or random Internet sites. Use Common Sense, authentic resources of information.
  • Take pride in being Indian. Deepen your roots but broaden your vision. Learn to meditate. A less frustrated mind would definitely find a better solution to problems.

We are the change. Happy Diwali.