Qualities Illustrated in a Krishna Tanjore Painting you never knew

Krishna: The “Rass rachaeya” according to Hindu mythology, can be depicted in various poems and stories.

Bala Krishna eating Butter is the most popular in Krishna Tanjore paintings, which shows baby krishna holding a butter pot and pampered by Mother Yashoda, Sometimes with two Gopikas dancing with him.

Yashoda Krishna Painting

Kaliya Mardhana Krishna Tanjore Painting:

Krishna dancing on the serpent’s head to kill the snake and make the water poison free.

                Kaliya Mardana Krishna Tanjore Painting

Venugopala Tanjore Painting :

Krishna with cows under the holy tree or Punnai Vriksha, Krishna on banyan leaf – more popularly called Vatapatrasayi are some of the apt subjects for Tanjore style paintings.

Venu Gopala Krishna Tanjore Painting

Qualities of Krishna

Blue body, infiniteness, attractive eyes and special, blue curly hair, kundal in ears, lotus like lips, feet also like lotus, butter thief so that he can attract gopikas, pranks with gopikas, anand swaroop, gopikas also comes in knowledge, tricked by Krishna, Kid of vasudev which means control over lust, devaki- the one who belongs to dev.

People say: “Anand prakat hue jo Krishna hai- jisme vasna nahi hai aur dev hi hai”

Natkhat, ego less, shame less: To save the earth he can take any form like pig, tortoise and many more.

Sat swaroop– Ability to know the highest consciousness, whatever we have known from previous births is sat, high intensity to know the highest.

Chit swaroop– liveliness in consciousness or in the form of pure energy.

Anand swaroop– Feeling or expressing or experiencing the Highest joy or happiness.

Gunateeth– He is one who is beyond all these three gunas(Qualities).

Types of Gunas

  1. Satwik– starts with problem (Lots of effort) and ends with happiness (effortless),
  2. Rajsik– Starts with illusion of happiness ends with misery.
  3. Tamsik– Starts with misery and ends with misery.

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