Why Narendra Modi is above BJP 

Narendra Modi, in a term of 3-4 years had gained a status of most influential and powerful leader of the world and has raised status of India to a truly global power. But can he be called a true BJP person or a personality above party.

  • BJP has been a political party since 1980s . Only powerful leader it has was Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was quite popular but not in lines of Narendra Modi.

  • Narendra Modi had a very humble beginning. He used to be a office boy and was not the given the deserved status. He used to sit on the last seat in a RSS meetings.

  • He didn’t fully agree with the views of RSS. Narendra Modi was more of follower of teaching of Swami Vivekananda.

  • Narendra Modi was set to become a monk but was refused and was advised to go in politics by a senior priest.


  • He had traveled the length and breath of India and explored various places. He had also climbed to lot extent of Mount Everest.

  • He had interest in Technology since he was a party worker. He was always concerned for his personal cleanliness and surrounding.

  • It was then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who found calibre in Narendra Modi and made him Gujarat CM despite party politics.

  • The only criteria he was nominated for PM post was his popularity in both terms – Positive and Negative. Media stories on 2002 never let people forget him. And his exception work in Gujarat didn’t let him lose any election till date.

  • Even after Lal Krishna Advani’s desire to be a PM, it was Modi chosen as the candidate and face of BJP. The way he has used all mediums to campaign in 2014 elections, combined with his energy and aura, he turned out to be the biggest winner in the history of India

Even after years, people have full faith in their leader and hence kept on winning state elections one by one. He has become a role model for leaders around the world. Youth of India see a bright future under his rule. Indeed, India is blessed to have such a Prime Minister.

Here below is a old video of Narendra Modi’s interview.