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Indian Media & India

Media is considered to be the fourth and important pillar of democracy. Others three being – Legislature (Parliament), Executive (Government) & Judiciary (Supreme Court, High Courts etc). Media is the source of all information to us. Apart from this, nowadays media also possess a lot of power and space in…

Connecting the World

Make Facebook Resourceful

Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s largest social media platform that is connecting the world. It’s another edge of connectivity through the internet. Facebook has evolved from just a network of college/university friends to a powerhouse of knowledge and marketing. Globally, just every second, 20,000 people join Facebook. About more than…

Save Indian Cow

Whats the importance of Cows in Indian Economy

We all know that our nation India has about more than 70 percent area in rural. 60 percent of the nation’s population directly or indirectly depends on agriculture. So, Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy. Only when primary sector (Agriculture) is efficient, the secondary (Industries/Manufacturing) & tertiary (Services) can…

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