7 Reasons why Ram Rahim is the Karma of Indian System

  1. Born as Gurmeet Singh, in a Jat Sikh family in Rajasthan, Ram Rahim is not liked by Sikhs, Hindus or any sane person. He became Sirsa Dera Chief in 1990.
  2. His followers are the ones neglected by society – untouchables, valmikis, Dalits, OBC & Scheduled Castes. Total 5 crore in numbers. (In rural India, caste system is highly dominant even today)
  3. Most of them funded him, also became a good votebank for all his political engagements.
  4. From 2007 to 2014, Congress heavily funded and supported him for its huge votebank. After fall of Congress, 2014 to 2017, it became BJP’s votebank.
  5. Most of the money came from his rich followers and political connections which was spent in making his movies, albums, promotions. His little social work was used in PR, Marketing and Photo Ops (Black money to white)
  6. He was never any saint or Guru who just enjoyed on ignorance of India – Caste System, Vote Bank Politics, Black Money and Corruption. He just was a smart player.
  7. His followers who destroyed property, killed people are the ones who think that when most Indians rejected them, Ram Rahim rightly valued them. Others were paid & trained goondas.

    Time to ponder that it’s our orthodox thinking that created all this. It all comes back. #Karma